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My Bio

I'm an Interior Designer/Artist. If anyone needs advice with their house and design rooms... I'm your personal RP Interior Designer! I can NOT live without 3 things... TV... Music..... and The Bangles!

If any of you guys you can follow me @MissKatieGurl ..... I'm just gonna forewarn you... I tweet a lot about the TV Show Castle and Rizzoli and Isles, about actresses Stana Katic and Angie Haromn! Courtney and I are know to have a lot of conversations about @vickibangle... Yeah... Vicki sorry if we blow your twitter up a lot with mentions... But we can't help it we love you! But feel free to follow me if you want on twitter!

My Occupation

  Interior Designer and Artist.

My Hobbies

Drawing, painting, designing, playing bass guitar singing and writing songs! I'm addicted to TV so most of the time I watch tv.... LOL... I'm a not a force to be wrecking with when it comes to naming songs on the my ipod... Never play name that tune or name that Actress or Actor or TV show with me... You will always lose!!! I love pop couture!

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